Well. I have returned. A rant of highlights, in the order of memory not of sequence-

Befriending some FAMU Audiovisual students, seeing their screenings and live VJ performances, and just hanging out in cafes/bars. Getting free wine for playing the piano. Going to music museums and the fleamarket with music students from Hamburg and finding a mandolin. Seeing great puppet performances in Plzen, and hanging out with some german engineers to see the brewery and medieval underground. Talking to the attendant at Skolska28 for hours about art and books and the horrors of social media. Going to Berlin and staying with a wonderful architect family friend who brought me around with his VIP pass to Berlin’s art week- we saw installations in bunkers and pavilions, art fairs, museum openings, etc. Seeing the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora- a church made of bones. Visiting Olomouc and meeting with the performance artist Vladimir Havlik and his Phd students- who run PAF, the animation festival there. Traveling to Opava for my hosts sound piece radio broadcast in a gallery. Ostrava and its industrial steel landscape, Vitkovice. The layover in Dublin, where I went out into the city and played mandolin with Dubliners all night- and met some of the friends I made on my last visit by chance.

Anyway, Now I am back. And the latest news is that this weekend I will be performing in a piece by my former teacher Patricia Brace at Public address. The installation was created by her collaborator Rita Leduc, and I will be one of 9 other performers that will join Patricia to “play” the walls of this interactive space. It will be streamed online as well!


UPDATE- here is the video of Push Pull II

I also just got tickets to see William Kentridge’s opera, Lulu, in November.

Finally, my photogravure “The Snowyard” will be in a Print Festival at the IPCNY Oct 16-17, with a reception at 6pm on the 17th.


The next thing I am putting on my plate is to write a project proposal for RAIR, a residency at the recycling plant in Philly. The artist Abigail DeVille collaborates with them often-