So a lot has happened over the last week. My first show in NYC, “Grime Surge”, was a great success- thank you for everyone who came out! And especially to Katie Hector and Patricia Brace. The installation was a hit, and the band rocked. I got a clip (below) of my animation during part of the Yamba band’s first set.

And then- I flew to Prague! Traveling solo for the first time, quite an experience. Yesterday I arrived in the late afternoon, so I just walked around nearby. The architecture is stunning! Every facade is so beautiful, and the way the streets twist with their buildings wrapping and overlapping makes them feel alive. I’m living near Krymska, which is apparently a pretty “hip” place to be.

Today I think I will explore more, and make my way to old town. Tomorrow I will be going to Plzen for the puppet festival, I may stay the weekend in a hostel so I can do some other things there- like their historical underground tour.