O’Flaherty’s and Aggregate Space Gallery

Have animations screening in galleries on each coast this month. ‘Buggy Furniture’ was on my CRT in the office of O’Flaherty’s “The Patriot” open call, and ‘So The Milkman’ is playing at ASG in Oakland as part of their Aggregate Animated Shorts 6th international film festival.

So The Milkman at Aggregate Space Gallery
Gallerist Jamian in the office of O’Flaherty’s next to my CRT TV with Buggy Furniture looping

Midnight Milk Auction V – Toons


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Thanks to all the animators who showed in our screaming cage for the Vinter Vunction!

Auction V Screening Artists {In order of appearance} Amanda Bonaiuto, Dave Merson Hess, Edwin Rostron, Jordan Wason, Jamie Wolfe, Kelly Hain, Lauren Gregory, Micah Nelson, Nora Rodriguez