The Midnight Milk Auction V: Vinter Vunction


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This Sunday the Midnight Milk Auction returns! Unsold art will be destroyed on the spot.

The Waiting Room – Laser Engravings


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Above are laser engravings of The Waiting Room that I made using the Forge maker space in Greensboro, NC, during my residency at Elsewhere Museum. I made four engravings into the backs of mirrors, so that the laser took off the mirrored backing and made white/transparent negative space. The positive space is mirrored, and when they are stacked (as they are in these photos) the layer behind illuminates and shows through the upper layer in a ghostly way. The wood panel engravings are smaller, smell great, and are nicely textured from the deep dithering. The mirrors are on display at Elsewhere Museum in North Carolina.

The Waiting Room Auditions – Elsewhere Museum


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During my residency at Elsewhere Museum The Waiting Room installation became a series of Auditions, looking for local musicians to conduct the room’s music while I conducted the various feedback loops of Bureaucracy necessary to keep guests waiting. Gary Heidt of Perceiver of Sound League ended up being the conductor I called back on for the October First Fridays Happening, where a big turnout of Greensboro artists came and waited in the room. Above are clips from his Audition, and below are from the final happening conducted with fellow Perceiver of Sound League maestros Bryan Crotts, Laurent Estoppey, Aurora Echo, and Gavin Glass.

[Edit 10/11/21] Here is the last performance I was involved in for the Oct. 1st happening, with Briana and Benjamin from the Etc. Collective–