I went to the MOMA and to Chelsea today. There is plenty I could talk about, but I think the most important and influential thing I saw was the Marcel Dzama film at David Zwirner. The costumes were fantastic, the film editing felt contemporary while at the same time using the “old” cinematic tricks rather than new age effects. And it showed me that it is possible to make art references that feel fresh. Not only did it focus on an expanded plot surrounding Marcel DuChamp’s work and life, it had (or at least I took notice of) a number of other art and film references. The animal heads and chairs reminded me of Goya, the multiple faced ceramic heads reminded me of that famous Daumier lithograph, and the dancing with the beheaded horse (or donkey?) reminded me of Chaplin’s dance with the globe. The costumes, and Dzama’s drawings, for me also reference the “Little Nemo” comics. I could be completely off mark, but these are connections I made while watching the film. The film was very visual, but also had a semblance of a plot (made all the more interesting by the dual screening with the swapped actress)- one that is just enough to give structure, but not so much that you’re sure you understand what is happening. It makes me inspired to try a number of things, among them- work with dancers, work with more live action film, make costumes, paper mache masks, storyboard plot lines, make more sculpture. I hope that I can get metal shop certified soon, I’m eager to get things rolling.