Today I built a wood box with a circular hole containing a lens (with much help from George). I think it pulls together the “She Plants a Head” animation, and I’m excited to put it in the next pop up show opening next week. I’ll also show it tomorrow for my crit with Catherine Murphy.

I met with Barb and got some advice similar to what Jim emailed me- that I should not be hesitant to address politics in a direct way if that is what needs to be the case. She also gave me a list of early films to watch and told me to watch the Netflix series on film history. She also gave me some advice on do it yourself residencies for printmaking. And on thinking things over and finding how I will reinvent what I’m doings, maybe taking drawings into a 3d stop motion set (some advice Patricia also gave).

I’m also trying to think over if it would be more appropriate to take a sculpture or a video class next semester.

The concept for my next project is based on Habits, the working title/ poetic phrase of inspiration is “Prescriptions for Losing a Loved Habit”. I would like to build a detailed set to work on. The project will also require me to create music- I would like to work in collaboration- possibly with my friend who sings opera, and another who plays cello. maybe drums and guitar as well. Not sure if the music should be made first, last, or with.

I’m also not sure how much of a script to come up with- if I should make the environment, then write a rough treatment, or it I should write it first, or if I should not write one at all. I think I will write one for this project though.

So the steps of this project-

write a loose treatment

Create stage/diorama, and furnsih

create characters

create music

revise treatment


I also met with Ben Suga today, and we talked a little about using plaster, making molds, and using resin, rubbers, and plastics.

This Tuesday I will be going to the Moma and to Chelsea in my drawing class, hopefully we will make it to a good chunk of the shows that have been recommended to me.

This week (revised)

-crit with Catherine (show box animation), hand in resume, finish etching prints, write Art history Essay

-Work on Drawing written treatment, collecting objects, draw basic blue prints of set, set up pop up show

-meet with Basia to discuss animation

– go to new York MOMA and Chelsea

-watch some of the films recommended (The WildCat, film history netflix series,