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The Waiting Room – Auditions
This video is an ad for auditions to conduct the waiting room installation made during my residency at Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC, Sept-Oct 2021. Read more about the project below–

[Edit 10/07/21] Here are more ads from the happenings. Videos from the Oct. 1st Finale coming soon, still in the cutting room.

[[About the Project]]
Seeing that there was a Bureau of Illumination [Installation by Elicia Epstein] at Elsewhere, J.R. decided that there must also be a waiting room, as there is always waiting involved in any bureaucratic process. In a waiting room there is typically music, seating, and frustration. In this waiting room there are unupholstered musical chairs, rolls of fabric, and instruments. The room and the objects themselves are put into a state of waiting for completion. Visitors are provided with the materials to work and create while waiting, in a process that both alleviates their frustration and saves the bureau a lot of money. The waiting room is currently inviting guests to wait for an audition to conduct the room’s music and seating arrangements.

“I propose that we sort these objects in the room next door to the Bureau O.I. so they may in waiting coalesce into a room of musical chairs that will help the public feel they are still in movement during the slow process of self illumination, which can often take a lifetime.”