Kentridge Opera

Last night I saw Berg’s LULU, produced by William Kentridge. It was quite amazing, I am still letting it all sink in. Images of ink drawings were projected onto a set, both of which were designed like expressionist woodcuts and drawings. The atonal music, itself fragmented and hard to interpret, fit with the fragmented drawings of Lulu- each man desired a different one of her many faces. I’m glad I brought binoculars, so I could see some close ups- but the set itself was a character you did not want to miss, so reading subtitles or using a lens meant you risked missing something somewhere else. I also had a nice conversation with the gentleman next to me, who was a materials engineer.

RAIR proposal

I think I have developed a pretty good draft for my proposal to the Recycle Artist in Residence program at Revolutionary Recovery in Philly. I will just be filling out the rest of the application, and submitting before the end of this month. I toured the grounds and the guides (who also are the founders of the program) Billy and Lucia were wonderful. They were super informative, and just give a very good vibe about where their priorities lie (with the artist, always). They want you to use their expertise and resources to find ways to complete a proposal you may not know exactly how to approach. I will post more about my proposal after submission.


I walked around Chelsea the other day. My recommendations- Mary Reid Kelley- Frederichs and Freiser, Claus Oldenburg (forget), Brice Marden – Matthew Marks

Art Handling

I did a couple art handling jobs to supplement the part time work at the upholstery shop. Highlights of this were meeting the artist Nadja Frank, a sculptor originally from Germany, now in New York, and in residence at LMCC. She is a joy to be around and chat with, and has amazing sculptures based on geological forms.

I will also begin doing some freelance painting this week, working again with Federico Solmi


Katie Hector has been lending me lots of Jodorowsky films to dig into. My favorite so far is still Fando y Lis, which I partially based the proposal to RAIR on.