It has been a bit since I have made a post, very busy with a number of things. Yesterday was my last day working in Fede’s studio, which was a great experience and I’m so happy to have gotten to work with him and everyone else in his studio. I also traveled to Dublin in July for a week. And now I am preparing for my month long trip to Prague in September. The first week I am there I will be going to a puppet/theater/film festival in Plzen and participating in a workshop on projection in combination with live performance-

I’m very excited to have been asked to participate in a project series by Katie Hector in the lower east side near Chinatown. This Friday 6-9pm we will present our collaborative installation project titled “Grime Surge” at the storefront gallery on 191 Henry St. We’ve transformed the traditional gallery space into an overflow of material, texture, and information. For the show I created a new animation titled “I’m Spitting Pebbles” which is projected within the installation. More information on the show and project series can be found here-

I will post installation images and video soon.