Have been thinking about making a film that explores the role of the artist. Specifically, I’m interested in the tension I feel about when deciding on if the use of an image is justified (especially one of suffering) because of the exploitation/pleasure from drawing/status the artist gains in by choosing to use it, even if their motives are sympathetic.

I thought up a sketch where this idea is attached loosely to the narrative of bluebeard, and blood of a poet. An artist (who is not sympathetic/hordes and steals images) has his collection of horrible images discovered. (Just as bluebeard has his former wives discovered).

Combined with the structure of Blood of a poet (i.e. the door keyhole scene, in my version the box lens) where I can animate images, and include other performances (I would like to have a dance play out, which is why I’ve used a dancer as the model who makes the discovery)

Thinking also of svankmajer, melies, Alfred Jarry, Becket to name a few.

Here is a rough test from what I have shot so far. it is just the working file of two days work exported, not close to done.