I’ve been very busy, haven’t had time to document a lot of things. I have two series of prints that are completed, but I don’t have the best photos. For now, here is a photo of the more recent print “yelp,thump,thud”.[edit, photo removed] The print uses an older print (still need to photograph) as the starting point. I then put the plate unprotected in acid, and from there made a new image. It went through 10 very different proofs before the final stage shown here. I learned a lot from Lidija Antanasijevic, a visiting artist with incredible work who was visiting in the print shop this past week. More thoughts on that all later, when I put up better pictures. I also began work on animating “How to upholster a hand”, and created a metal sculpture (welded and used plasma cutter for the first time) which will appear in the animation. Hopefully I will get a chance to go this weekend to the print fair and to Marian Goodman (Kentridge has a small show up there).