Thoughts on “She Plants a Head”-

To make art about Politics, I think, at least directly, feels like exploitation. “She Plants a Head” is in response to what has taken place in Syria and the actions of ISIS. But I’m not a part of that. So it is just about the idea of loss and growth from loss. The death of a loved one, or a loved idea. The repeated death of it, and the rebirth. Since Goya, it has not changed. The death of the artist, of the old way of working, it makes room for the next voice.

Thoughts on this coming week-

This week I hope to gather materials from searching thrift shops at home. I want to bring in more objects to the studio so that I can begin thinking about stop motion animating with them. I also want to make it out to the wood shop soon and scope out how I could begin making sets with scrap wood that is available.

This week I will be working on an etching for intaglio, to be completed for a week from this monday. I also will be working on a longer form drawing assignment, in response to the critique I had for “She Plants a Head”. I may begin to think of ways to incorporate color, and ways to take a break from the charcoal animation for stop motion.

I have been trying to consider what the conceptual basis for my next projects will be. I am hoping that by searching out objects this weekend I might stumble across it. Very general ideas have been related to pathology.

I’ve gathered together some ez borrow books- a brothers quay book, russian constructivism, Marcel Duchamp, and Kai Althoff. Hopefully thumbing through them will give me some more inspiration as well.

I also watched a bunch of short animations from a festival that I could not attend in Brooklyn (I just googled the titles) at the Tomato House. I liked the film by Haisi Hu (Transparent Trees, 2014, 6:37)

A list of things to accomplish-

Sketches/idea for etching, etching prints, collect objects for stop motion, concept for drawing class, go to woodshop and make rough stop motion set, crit with Catherine Murphy, set up pop up show, do Art History Realism Class Readings, look through DuChamp Book